Our shop

DC's Special has been "hard to the core" for over 20 years and we are passionate about the hardcore & casual scene.

It all started with Lonsdale - London, then there was Pit Bull, Hooligan streetwear, 100% hardcore, Casual, etc, and then we were unstoppable.

DC's Special became known in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Poland, even far away Australia. Which we are of course very proud and proud of!

DC's Special has grown from 1999 into one of the largest hardcore & streetwear specialty stores in the Benelux and the world.

We are proud to be able to offer you the collections of more than 50 different brands in our shop in Kortrijk.

We hope to welcome you in our shop in Kortrijk or take a look at our website.

 No Core No Party !!!

Grtz Dim,
DC's Special.