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1. What is Dc’s special online?

  • Dc’s special online is the official online shop of Dc’s special Kortrijk where you will find a selection of various clothing brands and music articles.
  • Dc’s special online offers you the opportunity to buy these articles at very interesting prices.
  • Dc’s special online delivers 85 % of her orders within 15 working days.
  • Dc’s special online was founded in 2000 in Belgium.

2. General conditions
Welcome to Dc’s special online! Dc’s special online wants to work out a smooth and efficient relationship with her customers. We highly estimate your confidence in Dc’s special online, and we are very serious about your rights. It is very important that you are conscious about what you may expect from us, and likewise that we know what we may expect from you. The General sales conditions below will explain to you what is your legal situation, each time you visit our website and buy from Dc’s special online. By getting access to the Dc’s special online, you agree to a legal commitment as well as to comply with the stipulations and conditions below.

An article offered at Dc’s special online website
All products offered by Dc’s special, are described in a most exhaustive and realistic way. Promotions and prices are valid the day they appear on our website, during the promotional period as mentioned.
Dc’s special online cannot be held responsible for (editorial) errors which might occur in promotional offers.
We offer our products on our website until depletion of the stock. Dc’s special online tries her hardest to have available all products you ordered. It is possible, however, that an article is out of stock; in that case, we inform you as quick as possible, and you have the option to decide whether or not to cancel your order.

Dc’s special online cannot be hold responsible for damage due to products out of stock.
Agreement between you and Dc’s special online.
There is a valid agreement between you and Dc’s special online as soon as Dc’s special online receives the confirmation of your order on the website.

However, Dc’s special online can decide to submit the validity of the agreement to other conditions, in case, for instance, of substantial orders or prepayments, orders made by minors, or when previous orders haven’t been paid for.

Conform the law on the Commercial Practices, the loss / damage is on behalf of the seller. However, we have to be informed within 2 weeks after you received the confirmation of shipment by mail. Dc’s special online reserves the right to refuse your appliance in case this doesn’t arrive within this term. You can send your notification of non receiving at

Your right to return the order within 14 days after receiving it
How to return an order
The Belgian law on the commercial practices and the information and protection of the consumer of July 14th 1991, allows the purchaser to inform the seller within 14 working days after receiving the product that he/she decides not to buy the article ( The goods need to follow (unopened ) within 3 working days after this notification.

If you want to return a product because you have changed your mind, you can do this within 14 days after receiving. We will reimburse you the order as soon as we receive the returned article.

Delivery charges to return the article are on your charge.
If the product you receive is not the product you have ordered, or if it is damaged upon arrival, it has to be returned within 14 days upon receiving the product. We will reimburse your order and your delivery charges upon receiving the article you are returning.
Dc’s special online has the right to refuse returned articles, or not reimburse them, in case the plastic packaging has been opened, or if the products appear to be damaged by the client.

3. Privacy Policy
Dc’s special online respects and protects your privacy. Your personal details are safe with us.
We highly value your confidence in us, so all personal information you provide us with is treated with utmost care and confidentiality.

We need this information about you in order to deliver efficiently your orders as quick as possible.
Dc’s special online works in full compliance with the Belgian law of December 8th 1992, regarding the treatment of personal data, amended by the law of December 11th 1998, taking into account the European directive of October 24th 1995.
This law stipulates that the person or the company collecting data, should have the consent of the person whose personal details are collected, these data should be relevant, exact and correct, and may be collected for specific, clear and legal purposes only. The person whose personal details are collected should have access to them, and has the right to modify the data regarding his/her person.

Which data do we collect? How are they used?
When you buy a product, we ask you following data

  • your e-mail address
  • your first name and last name
  • your telephone number (and optional your fax number)
  • your address

We can use the data you provided to inform you of modifications, events or special offers, which might be of interest to you.
If you wish to modify your details, you can do this directly on the site.
By using Dc’s special online, you agree to the privacy policy, as well as on collecting and using your details by Dc’s special online, as described in this policy.

4. Is it safe to order through Dc’s special online?
The Dc’s special online web shop has a register of company number and a VAT number, registered in Belgium, guaranteeing the approval of the Belgian State.

5. Which are the advantages of Dc’s special online compared to the traditional shop?

  • Original products
  • Possibility to order sitting at your computer
  • 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 open.
  • Delivery free house