Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz CD‎ 'Cumikaze'

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Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz CD‎ 'Cumikaze'
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore
Year: 2019


1. Cummin On Your Face    3:46
2. J1zzy Calls The Greazy Boiz (Skit)    0:57
3. Laddy-Daddy-Daddy    2:11
4. H8er Has A Small Peniz (Skit)
5. Micro Penis
6. Cum Shot
7. Can't Remember A Fucking Thing (Skit)
8. Grey Poupon Mustard
9. Rupapumcum
10. G3t Out Of My H3ad!111! (Skit)
11. Who's Your Daddy
12. Puzzy Rain
13. Greig Goes To A Shrink (Skit)
14. Sound Of Cricketz    
15. Get Ur Fucking Jacket (It's Over Skit)

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